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Lana Llama

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Sure, she was wooly.

Lana the llama lives in the farmyard with all of her sheep friends. She loves being part of their flock, but she knows that she doesn't fit in—her legs and neck are much too long, and her 'baa' is very baaad. Lana does her best to look like the other sheep, until one day a bully arrives, and Lana has to stand up for herself and her friends.

What folks are saying

A fuzzy tale of self-acceptance.   ~ Kirkus Reviews

valuable life lessons in playful, quirky and distinctively illustrated packages" ~ Lisa Doucet, in Atlantic Books Today

The themes of self-acceptance and standing up (quite literally) for friends will help this quiet book resonate with many. ~Patricia Lothrop, School Library Journal

Every Lori Doody picture book that comes out is a treat for the heart and the eyes. ~Helen Kubiw, CanLit for Little Canadians

Teachers/caregivers can use this book to discuss accepting oneself and valuing one’s attributes, even when they are different from the rest. The mention of bullying comes up in the story and teachers/caregivers can use Lana Llama as a tool to start discussions on that topic. 

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