Jack, the King of Ashes

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Award-winning storyteller Andy Jones and illustrator Darka Erdelji have joined forces again, in the wake of their highly acclaimed book Jack & Mary in the Land of Thieves, to produce what may be their finest collaboration yet:  Jack, the King of Ashes is another riotously funny Jack tale that is as moving as it is hilarious.

This time Jack, the “King of Ashes,” spends all his time hove off in the coal box, until one day he shakes off his ashes and sets out on an adventure that includes sneaky robbers, a “famous missing princess with reward attached,” an always-surprising canine sidekick, a royal wedding, a lovelorn rooster-puppet, a conniving ship’s captain, corpses, curses, kisses, a coat and a whole lot more!

Steeped in Newfoundland folk tradition, Jack, the King of Ashes shows Jones at the top of his form. His quirky and delightful humour is unstoppable. Erdelji’s illustrations offer a wonderful, witty counterpoint to the story, enriching and embellishing it.

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