KW Art-Throwing a Cast Net

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A comment from the artist about this imagery:

"I've been wanting to do a print of someone throwing a cast net for a long time, so a big thank you to my father-in-law, Cliff White, for helping me out (especially when it was freezing cold and I asked him to throw it over and over and over). This is the net that his father made during visits with his mother in the hospital. I remember coming home on the bus in June when I was small and seeing people on the beach with buckets because the caplin were finally rolling. We'd take off home to get our rubber boots on and run to the beach to help fill the men's buckets with caplin. I loved watching the men cast their nets and drag them in, all filled with piles of slippery, flicking fish. When I'd go to bed each night, all I'd see behind my eyelids were caplin. Aside from getting out of school, that was probably the most exciting part of June as a kid."

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