Breakwater-A Woman's Amlanac 2019

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For 2019, the annual A Woman’s Almanac is bigger, bolder, and more vibrant than ever!

With contributions from Emily Carrigan, Bridget Clarke, Christina Coady, Heidi Coombs, Heather Gillis, Alanna Husch, Kelly Knee, Alicia MacDonald, Raylene Noftall, Kimberley Orren, Wendy Rose, Renee Sharpe, Dwan Street, and with amazing art by Robyn Flannigan, the new almanac is a beautifully and functionally designed day planner complete with a calendar, important dates, and empowering art and narratives by women.

Brought to you by the St. John’s Status of Women Council, A Woman’s Almanac is a yearlong celebration of feminism, and your around-the-clock guide to a year of productivity, inclusivity, and activism.

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